We offer:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering Surveys including construction, as constructed and plan preparation
  • Earthworks, bridge & Road Surveys
  • Preparation of Subdivision and Strata Applications
  • Subdivisions – Consultation & Survey
  • Boundary redefinition
  • Site Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Identification Surveys
  • Volumes of Stockpiles, Excavations and Dams
  • Drainage
  • Mining Tenements
  • GPS Surveys

Esperance Surveys endeavour to use the latest technology and equipment available to the survey industry. This ensures survey projects are undertaken in the most cost efficient and comprehensive manner. All survey instruments are calibrated in accordance with LANDGATE requirements.

Survey Equipment: 

1 x Trimble S6 Robotic/Reflectorless total station theodolite

Surveyor operated only –  ideal for surveys of high speed and accuracy.

 1x Wild (Leica) Total Station Theodolite TS06-3R400

Used for  electronic capture of field data and subsequent electronic field setout of coordinate positions.

GPS Equipment: Trimble R8 Bluetooth GNSS equipment.

Computer Software:                   2x Liscad Survey Software under licence to Leica

Used  to import and export data to other notable systems such as Civilcad, Autocad,  Moss and Microstation.


All drafting is done within Esperance Surveys

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